Zombie Apocalypse

Sunday May 29th 

 What's it all about?

Young people love outdoor activities. In the past, children would play outside more, doing things like making shelters and even building fires

We are re=branding these outdoor activities / Bush Craft (scout skills) as Zombie


its not like other zombie survival days - no fighting , and no zombies will be hurt !!!!! just a bit of fun  

Activities for 8rs – 15yrs

11am – 3pm (sessions every hour)  £12 for 2 sessions . £20 for all sessions

  1. Archery – Shoot those Zombies (mannequins only!)

  2. Shelter building – Essential skills

  3. Fire making skills – Including orienteering (for supplies)

  4. Kayak and Stand up Board – Coz Zombies can’t swim

      Book in Advance


3.30 Zombie Video

       Turn up dressed as a Zombie @ Youth Centre Car park 3.30pm

          Be an ‘Extra’ in our Zombie film

          Be part of the Zombie Horde

          FREE to take part – facebook us to let us know you’re coming – open to all



5pm-7pm Zombie Disco

       Ages 8-12

          Fancy Dress optional

          £3 entry fee

          Book in advance