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It is heart warming that so many people and organisations value the work we do for the young people and the community. PRYC, trustees, staff and the young people would like to thank you, and promote the great community spirited organiations that have helped to make it all possible in the past and continue to support us year on year

Extension - Our big project 


In 2014, work started on adding the extension to the building. and it is now finished !! (click here for open ceremony details) This gives more space to help satisfy the demand - and importantly changing rooms, showers, boat storage and classrooms so the outdoor activities can be developed to its full potential. In a total the supporting organisations donated £375,000. PRYC would like to thank and recognise: 

Sport England, Wychavon District Council, Canoe England, Severn Waste Services (Entrust), The Clothworkers Foundation, Asda Pershore and Pershore Rotary, Pershore Market Town Partnership. 


Thomson Bancks solicitors - supporting the community, supporting local youth charity

Spirit Construction were the main contractors - and they have done an amazing job - and we know they have done it more as a favour to the charity than to make profits. Part of the Spirit group of companies based next door at the Angel Hotel. This support has been long term and a shinning example of how corporate organisations can help charities keep up their work. HUGE THANK YOU TO DAN, DARREN, STEVE and all the team at Spirit Construction.  

Spirit Construction Pershore - helping local charity - great work on major project
thomson Bancks solicitors - supporting the community, supporting local youth charity
Local Businesses - on going support & gifts in kind. 


Running a building can be expensive. Business times are hard, and there is not much 'spare cash' around. But - many of the local companies, rather than giving cash, donate their time and services, on an on-going basis. This works on so many levels and genuinely helps make it all possible. 

Thomson & Bancks Solicitors - Accounts, PAYE, and invaluable legal advice

Clifton Crick Sharp & Co - do the charities annual audit

Sandfield Farms - provide for the centre a cleaner 2 days a week

Vale Heating and Plumbing - annual boiler service

The Angel Hotel - support with events and fund raising 

2015-2016 support from local  companies

With funding from traditional sources reducing all the time - support from local people and local companies to the survival of the charity. the support in 2015 has been amazing - especially in the run up to the open day. PRC is finally becoming integrated into the community and people are helping so much with gifts in kind. Here are some of the supporters from 2015 that we would like to thank and promote - they are the good companies, with a social concience - please support them and help promote them 

PRC is so greatful that the local TSB branch and staff have chosen the centre as their chosen charity for 2015. They have been busy with fund raising and helping to promote the charity. 

Growers United have been huge supporters in 2015. As well as donating a 1 off cheque for £1000 they have also provided a 8 person strong work team to help get the centre ready for the open ceremony

Cartridge World Evesham. representing ssavings of hundreds of pounds, Cartridge World have repaired printers and given us cahrity discount rates on our printers and ink

Plan b Computers fully support the work at PRC. This year they have donated a FREE xbox. They have also offered long term IT support and are supplying a safeguarding package to ensure safe internet use for the young people. 

SAB cleaning. One of the parents of our Warhammer club - Steve - runs a professional carpet cleaning company. hearing about our event, and seeing the state of our carpets, Steve conducted a full professional clean and make the carpets look like new. Thank you steve ! 

Sandfield Farms have been supporting PRC for 4 years now. twice a week, they send one of their staff to the centre (Bob). Bob cleans the centre and keeps it looking great. This is a great way of a company supporting the charity and in turn saving us Thousands of pounds each year. 

The Ambassador Club, Evesham has given the charity 2 complete sets of pool balls - so needed and so appreciated. 

The Bonk Skate shop has been working with young people in the area for over 4 years. projects like painting the skatepark, afterschool clubs for Abbey Park Middle School, and runing summer activity days. The Bonk Shop closed in 2015 - but that was actually the best news possible for PRC - because owner of Bonk KIM has now moved her bonkers scooter club to PRC. This adds a whole new activity to the centre. On top of this, Kim has donated loads of her shop fittings and equipment to the charity. Thank you Kim 

If you, or your organisation could help the charity

with a gift in kind - please get in touch 

PRYC - Home to other organisations


PRYC is proud to work in partnership with other organisations. This is Win/Win as it shares the facilities, and offers a wide and diverse package of activities and options to the community and the youth of the area. All the groups work together, and all contribute to the overall running cost of the building. 


The Groups using the centre as their home currently include:


                                     Wychavon Kayak and Canoe Club. Partners in the new                                             extension, and integral to the professional delivery of 

                                     canoe and kayak. PRYC and WKCC share equipment, staff

                                     storage, and work together on events. Genuine                                                         Partnership.



PRYC is home to the Pershore Sea Cadets. They meet every Friday, and alternate Mondays. With River frontage, and all the facilities, it makes it the perfect venue for the group. 

Worcestershire Parents and Carers' Community run their monthly youth club sessions at the centre - great for them and great for us. 

Partner Agencies - working together on projects and events

There are several key players in Pesrhore, that will always give their time and efforts to help with projects or what ever is needed at the youth centre: 

Avon Navigation Trust. Based just up the river, ANT will always help PRYC. THis priceless support includes everything from loan of boats or vehicles, maintenance on the river bank, help with events - and the exciting proposed WHITE WATER COURSE

Pershore College. The arboriculture course visit the centre a couple of times a year to keep our willows and trees trimmed to perfection. They have joined in working parties. This is a great example of community partnership and joining in. 

Perhsore High School . PRYC has the best possible working relationship with the local High School. Skib runs sessions and offers support in many ways. These include the Time4U sessions, counselling and running courses. Nearly all the 13yrs+ youth group go to Pershore High (or should do). This makes the youth centre linked so much to the school, offereing help to those that often need it the most.

The Prince's Trust course is a great example of a session run by PRYC for the students from the High School. 

In this 2 way partnership, the High School helps provide busses to enable educational trips and residentials, and they are always happy to help with projects and events. 

Examples of some previous projects and funding success

2010 £5,000 from Pershore Rotary to create a music room and fit it out with state of the art equipment 

Pershore Rotary have been long supporters of the project and the great work. They have donated a further £5,000 for the extension 2014/15. They have also helped fund the pontoon on the river. 

The Pershore Market Town Partnership - run through Wychavon District Council, operated as a support and funidng group from 2008-2014. During that time they made several projects possible:

Multi Games Area outside the centre. Young Parents support group. Time4U HUB at the centre. The pump out station for riverboats at the bottom of the centre (this provides a great facility for the community and an income for the centre). 

PRYC would also like to aknowledge and thank: 

The Garfield Weston Foundation for their revenue support in 2014. This came at a critical time, providing the much needed revenue and enabled the centre to push forwards with the extension project. 

Pershore Town Council - have provided grant help for the pump out, and most recently £500 towards the Centre's Counsellor. The Town Council also help us by letting us organise events. 

We would love to thank everyone.....

we hope to aknowledge support as it's given......

please let us know if we can put your info on here, or in any of our social media