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Ryan has been an absolute star. After going through the process of being a youth club participant, he has gone onto volunteer as youth support.

Last Year Ryan started a campaign to make the younger ones more aware of the dangers of 'Legal Highs'. Previously known as 'herbal highs' these are far from it, and made of the worse ingredients, just to get around the law.


















"I first came to the youth centre when I was 15 and have been coming here for nearly 4 years now.

I have found the youth centre really helpful in supporting and advising me. The youth worker got me into doing the Prince’s Trust which really helped me to think about job ideas and also got me level 1 qualifications.

I have been able to do some volunteering at the centre – carrying out some admin jobs and supporting with planning and running youth groups. I already had an idea that I would like to make a career in youth work and my time volunteering at the youth centre has made me more certain that this is what I want to do.

The Connexions service at the youth centre helped me to write my C.V and the youth workers have supported and advised me with applying for jobs and going for job interviews. This helped me to get a job. If I hadn’t been able to use the computers here it would have been really hard for me to apply for jobs.

In the last couple of years I have used the sexual health clinic at the centre for some advice. I have also used the counselling service which has helped me to deal with some personal issues.

The youth centre is really great because it’s the only place in Pershore where you can come just to chill. "   RYAN


April 2019 update - Ryan is now back working as a youth worker on Wednesday evenings, alongside his other job in the community.

January 2016 update - Ryan continues to be a core member of the Youth Work team


October 2015 update - Ryan is now a valued member of the youth work team - running sessions and passing on his experience to a whole new group of young people. Ryan also has a 'proper job' as an engineer at a local company - well done !

March 2015 update - Ryan is now studying for his Level 2 Youth Work Certificate and continues to volunteer every week at the youth centre.

Young Parents group feedback

Young Parents group:

“It helps me to have something to look forward to and I am always seeking advice from the youth centre staff. It’s also really helped my daughter to socialise with other children.” young parent -  16 


Young Mum -  aged 15

  • Found out about the youth centre and young parents group through a friend who regularly attends the youth centre.

  • S feels that the youth centre has supported her in accessing services for herself and her four month old son.

  • The youth workers have arranged for health visitors to come into the young parents group and do checks and give advice in an informal setting.

  •  S said that she liked that Skibb (Nick Dunne) communicated with her family support worker at the children’s centre. This communication means easier joint working toward shared goals.

  • S said that she felt supported by the youth workers in agreeing a course of action with her school and accessing her online school work.    


Becky, formally of this group, is now studying for her Youth Work Level 2 course, and works at the centre.She is a valued member of the team, running and helps coordiante the Monday and Sunday Club as well as sessions for the 13yrs+. Becky also gives her time to help clean the centre 2 times a week. 




Young people talking about the youthy

L – aged 16

I have been coming to the youth centre for 6 years. 1 was 10 years old when I very first started coming here. There is loads to do here and the summer programs have been really good because there is always something going on right through the holidays.

I have used the connexions service at the centre and I found it really helpful because they gave me loads of useful advice about applying and getting jobs.

I think it’s a really great place to come when there is nothing else to do. Coming here stops me from getting into trouble because if the youth centre wasn’t here then I would probably just be hanging around in the town.


A – aged 16

I started coming to the youth centre when I was about 14 and have been coming here for about 18 months now.

I have really enjoyed the residential trip and the summer programs because they have given me so much to do. I like going out and doing different things instead of just staying in pershore.

The youth centre has been really helpful to me because I have had some family issues which have been really difficult for me to deal with and the youth worker has been really able to support me with this.

When I stopped going to school the youth worker talked to me and he was able to get me to do the Prince’s Trust project. I really enjoyed it and it gave me lots of confidence. Doing the Prince’s Trust program and talking to the youth worker motivated and encouraged me to go back to college and now I have got an education back


  • P said that Skibb (Nick Dunne) had supported her with her school coursework. That she had been able to do it at the youth centre and so been able to get it finished by the deadline.

  • P felt the Skibb had supported her with accessing health at school, that as a result of this she had more knowledge about sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy, methods of contraception and knew how to seek advice.

  • She said that it was good to be able to talk to someone and know the conversations were confidential.

  • P said it was good to be able to go somewhere inside with her friends.

  • Youth workers have also helped P access advice and guidance on local colleges and courses. As a result of this she now knows which college she wants to attend and what subjects she wants to do.

  • P felt the youth centre links with the school were really important.  She said it was good to see Skibb there and she felt more at ease with the sexual nurse.

  • P talked about an incident last week where she had an argument with a teacher, got upset and walked out of school. She came straight to the youth centre and spoke to Skibb. She felt that this conversation helped her resolve the issues and return to school. 



  • L feels that the youth workers have supported her in accessing help from the sexual health nurse.

  • L also accessed connections through the youth centre. Connections helped Lauren build a C.V which she used to get her current job which she told youth workers she ‘loves’.

“ I like being with friends in a warm Environment, I feel safe”- L




  • T said that the youth workers supported him to access sexual health.

  • He has also accessed Job seekers for advice through the youth centre.

  • T said that he enjoys the healthy eating influence in the group and really liked making smoothies.

  • T said “it’s good to be able to have somewhere to go where I can ‘chill’, there’s always stuff to do including playing pool’.

“ It’s good to be able to have somewhere to go”- T



Some feedback from Parents 

My son rarely tells us anything about what he’s done at school, Scouts or any of his other activities, but he was talking so much about his activity day at Pershore Riverside Youth Centre, his little sister is now very keen to attend next time. Thank you.


J had a great time with you at the activity day he attended in the summer holidays and is really interested in joining in again when you have similar days planned again.
I heard about it from a friend who lives in Pershore and her son D goes to sea cadets. I appreciated you being able to book J in for just the one session out of the four and was really impressed with the variety of activities you offer there.
Please forward any details of further activities aimed at pre-teens with a lot of energy, chatter and questions, lol.
Again, many thanks for giving him the chance to join in, as  I appreciate he can be a little hard to handle at times due to him having Aspergers


‘ I don’t know what I would have done without the youth centre. My youngest goes there now and loves it. Her brother had some real issues, with school and the Police. I’m not joking, it kept him out of getting into some serious trouble. Pershore’s so lucky to have the centre, and the youth workers are fab. It’s such shame they have lost the core funding – crazy government short sighted cost savings. It’s vital for the kids, and the town as a whole.’ 



Paddlesports Feedback

"G thoroughly enjoyed the canoe course, and had a fantastic time every week, it was great that it carried on whatever the weather.  He definitely would like to attend the next course."


"My son has never really enjoyed sport or been part of a team before, but has now found something he really looks forward to and that he can be proud of. He has gained new friends and gained confidence."


F really enjoyed the summer activity days. In fact, in his words (and his friend O), it was the best activity group they've ever been on!".


Hi Alex, my 2 sons attended your session in the summer, they had a great time and were sad they could not attend more sessions! 

The cost was good value and the venue was fab. We would definitely book again, 


G really enjoyed this summers activities, It was his best year I think this was due to all the water activities, its a great chance to get together with people of his own age in the long summer break.  


My children enjoyed a summer activity day consisting of bell boating, paddling standing up, and most memorably jumping in the water! They had a fantastic day and I would certainly look to the Pershore Youth Centre for booking them into further activities in the future. We found out about your sessions through friends, although my son did bring a leaflet home from High School regarding the older children's programme. The Pershore Youth Centre is an ideal situation in central Pershore, with access to River based activities, adjacent to the Leisure Centre and with excellent facilities for younger people in it's own right. 

I would certainly be glad to receive any further information regarding children's activities in the future.

Community Feedback

Feedback from Pershore Community 


Clive Corbett – Head Teacher Pershore High School

‘The school and its governors have had long supported the Centre in what has been a fruitful relationship.  We appreciate the valuable work done with the young people of this area and the close liaison with our students’. 



Steve Knight, Wychavon District Council Pershore Manager

I work for the Pershore Market Town Partnership (Wychavon District Council) which promotes the use of local facilities. PRYC is the primary hub for youth services. The partnership has been associated with Riverside youth centre for 10 years now and we have supported the centre with various grants over that time. Some of the grants have been used for capital and equipment purchases. We have also used the Riverside Centre to hold some of our own meetings.


I think the facilities overall are fantastic - there is nothing else like this in Pershore and it’s great for the youth provision. . We are looking to establish a young parent group here in Pershore and the facilities at the Pershore Riverside Centre will be ideal for them.

What’s special about the Pershore Riverside Centre is some of the staff, particularly of Alex Mellor. He does a great job promoting the centre. When we’ve used it we always get great feedback from the users. Alex is always thinking about new ways in which the centre can be promoted for use by the children. He has a team of very enthusiastic people there who ensure that children who use facilities feel very wanted and valued.

I think the USP for the centre is the watersports available there; we hope that if the new development goes ahead that this will become a site with a national reputation as well as a local one.

It’s difficult to see how the Pershore Riverside youth centre could improve


Lynn Evans, Headteacher, Abbey Park Middle School

The projects run by the Youth team and school during transfer from middle school to high school have been exceptional and have been highlighted as an example of good practice in Worcestershire.  The Police report that crime within the town has fallen during successive summer holidays and have attributed this to the excellent work done by your team and school.  To be able to extend opportunities further and ensure that this superb work is maintained would meet so many needs within our community and ultimately enable young people to make good choices in their lives.

In these times of hardship and cuts, leadership at Riverside has been a shining light within Pershore and continues to strive to extend opportunities for all ages and all community members.  I do hope that funding will be granted for this scheme as the potential, enthusiasm, skills and leadership is guaranteed.